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The system of sewer connection charges and fees established in this section is intended to accomplish the following purposes:

A. Establish a charge which brings new customers into an equity position with current, long-term customers, regarding the present value of the sewer treatment and interceptor collection system;

B. Establish a charge which proportionately allocates the cost of new system treatment capacity to those new customers which use that capacity;

C. Establish a schedule of ERU’s which sets the buy-in and new capacity connection charges on the basis of total strength and volume of wastewater generated;

D. Assign the responsibility for installation of approved new customer hookups to the customer, and provide for city inspection and approval of the work, along with accompanying administrative fee;

E. Establish modified charges and rates for low income housing facilities;

F. Establish an appeal procedure, whereby a new customer can request review and appeal of hookup charges calculated on the basis of this section.

(Ord. 1124 § 5, 2000)