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The following list of ERU values shall serve as the basis for calculating buy-in and new capacity charges. This list is derived from Table G2-1, page G2-6, Criteria for Sewage Works Design, Washington Department of Ecology.

Single-family residence

1.00 ERU


0.85 ERU per unit


0.70 ERU per unit

Motels and hotels

0.40 ERU per unit with kitchenette

0.20 ERU per unit without kitchenette

Restaurants and bars

0.25 ERU per seat

Shopping center

0.60 ERU per 1,000 square feet


0.02 ERU per seat

Country club

0.30 ERU per member

Bowling alley

0.45 ERU per lane

Nursing home

1.15 ERU per bed

Home for aged

0.60 ERU per bed

Theatre (all types)

0.03 ERU per seat

Swimming pool

0.06 ERU per person capacity

Doctor and dentist office

1.40 ERU per chair or examining room

Manufacturing/Industrial – sanitary use only

0.10 ERU per employee

Industrial waste

Independent ERU calculation

Grocery store

0.10 ERU per employee (no sink disposal)

Grocery store

1.30 ERU add on per sink disposal unit


0.90 ERU per machine

Service stations – no service bays

0.10 ERU per pumping station

Service stations – with service bays

0.05 ERU add-on per service bay

Service stations – with wash bays

0.35 ERU add-on per car wash bay

Service stations – with wash bays

0.60 ERU add-on per truck wash bay

By custom facility (not fitting into any above type of facility):

Washing machine

0.20 ERU per machine (3 or more, use 0.90 ERU)


0.03 ERU (home style – less than 2 machines)


0.10 ERU per tub

Garbage disposal

1.30 ERU per sink add-on


0.15 ERU per showerhead


0.05 ERU per sink

Water closet (toilet)

0.30 ERU per toilet

Note: The minimum ERU value, for purposes of determining connection charges and fees, shall be 1 ERU.

(Ord. 1168 § 1, 2002; Ord. 1124 § 5, 2000)