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Types of Permit /Approval/Action

Public Notice

Public Hearing

Decision Maker

Appellate Body

Type 1 Review

• Administrative Interpretation

• Boundary Line Adjustment

• Building Permit

• Certificate of Occupancy

• Certificate of Appropriateness (and waiver) (1)

• Certificate of Zoning Compliance

• Clearing and Grading Permit

• Critical Area Authorization

• Home Occupation Permit

• Landscaping Plan Approval

• SEPA Determination (no public notice required)

• Sign Permit

• Special Property Tax Valuation (1)

• Special Use Permit

• Stormwater Plan Approval

• Type 1 Permit, Modification (2)



City staff as designated by the mayor

Hearings examiner

Type 2 Review

• Critical Area Permit

• Floodplain Development Permit

• SEPA Determination (public notice required)

• Shoreline Authorization (3)

• Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (3)

• Subdivision, Short (nine or fewer lots)

• Type 2 Permit, Modification

• Type 3/4 Permit, Minor Modification

• Variance with Type 1/2 Permit


None, but written comments may be submitted

City staff as designated by the mayor

Hearings examiner

Type 3 Review

• Binding Site Plan

• Conditional Use Permit

• Reasonable Use Exception

• Rezone, Site-Specific

• Shoreline Conditional Use Permit (3)

• Shoreline Variance (3)

• Type 3 Permit, Major Modification

• Variance with Type 3 Permit


Yes, before the hearings examiner

Hearings examiner

Superior Court

Type 4 Review

• Development Agreement

• Planned Action Designation

• Planned Mixed-Use Development, Approval and Major Modification

• Right-of-Way Vacation

• Subdivision (ten+ lots), Preliminary/Final


Yes, before the hearings examiner

City council

Superior Court

Type 5 Review

• Comprehensive Plan Amendment

• Future Land Use Map Amendment

• Rezone, General

• Shoreline Master Program Amendment (2)

• Zoning Code/Development Regulation Amendment (5)


Yes, before the planning commission

City council

Superior Court (4)

Permit Classification Table Footnotes:

(1)Decisions on applications for certificates of appropriateness, waivers of certificates of appropriateness, and special property tax valuations shall be made by the historic preservation commission.

(2)If the proposed modification results in a SEPA action that requires public notice, it shall be processed as a Type 2 permit.

(3)Decisions to implement the city of Cle Elum shoreline master program shall be made in accordance with the following:

a.Shoreline conditional use permits and shoreline variances must also be approved by the Department of Ecology.

b.Appeals of shoreline authorizations and shoreline substantial development permits shall be heard by the state Shorelines Hearings Board in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 90.58 RCW and the Cle Elum shoreline master program.

c.Amendments to the city’s shoreline master program are subject to review and approval by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

(4)Appeals of decisions authorized through the Growth Management Act, which may include amendments to the Cle Elum comprehensive plan, future land use map, zoning code, and the official zoning map, may be appealed to the Washington State Growth Management Hearings Board, and in some instances, directly to Kittitas County Superior Court. Please refer to Chapters 36.70A, 36.70B, and 36.70C RCW for more details.

(5)The required public hearing shall be conducted by the planning commission; provided, that the city council may, at its discretion, conduct the hearing or assign the hearing to the city hearings examiner. This may include, but is not limited to, matters pertaining to the administration of the International Codes and to the administration of this title.

(Ord. 1621 § 2 (Exh. A), 2022)