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As part of all project and application reviews, the city shall determine if a proposed project or development activity is consistent with the goals, policies, and objectives of the Cle Elum comprehensive plan and the provisions of the Cle Elum Municipal Code.

A. The determination of consistency shall include a review to verify that the proposed action will not cause levels of service to fall below the level of service standards established in the Cle Elum comprehensive plan.

1. This shall include locally adopted regulations, procedures, and methods for determining concurrency in accordance with the provisions of WAC 365-196-840.

2. In the case of transportation, proposed developments that would cause the level of service on a locally owned transportation facility to decline below the adopted standards shall not be approved unless improvements or strategies to accommodate the impacts of development are made concurrent with the development.

a. These strategies may include increased public transportation service, ride sharing programs, demand management, pro-rated financial contributions toward future improvements, and other transportation systems management strategies.

b. “Concurrent with development” means that improvements or strategies are in place at the time of development, or that a financial commitment is in place to complete the improvements or strategies within six years.

B. The city may require that any outstanding code enforcement actions be addressed, or unpaid fees, fines, or taxes paid before a final determination of consistency is made.

C. The city shall be allowed to exercise substantial discretion as it relates to nontechnical issues in its attempt to advance the best interests of the community.

(Ord. 1621 § 2 (Exh. A), 2022)