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A. The land use permit applicant shall pay to the city all processing costs associated with the processing of the land use permit, as such costs are defined in CEMC Section 17.150.020. If a preapplication meeting is conducted between the city and applicant, the city shall inform the applicant, in writing, of the processing deposit that must be submitted with the land use permit application. The processing deposit is separate from, and required in addition to, the application fees required by CEMC Section 17.150.030.

B. The director shall calculate the total processing costs and the deposit for a land use permit application according to the following factors: (1) the estimated number of hours of city staff time required to process the land use permit multiplied by the staff members’ applicable hourly rate(s); (2) the expected costs for postage, printing, publication, notice, posting, and other related administrative costs associated with processing the land use permit; and (3) the estimated number of hours of consultant and hearing examiner time required to process the land use permit multiplied by the consultant(s)’ applicable hourly rate(s).

C. The city will establish a segregated fund account for each application deposit required under subsection (A) of this section. The city will invoice the applicant monthly for all actual processing costs incurred, along with an administrative fee in an amount equal to ten percent of the invoice total. The applicant shall pay all invoices within fifteen days of mailing date. In the event the applicant fails to pay per this section, the city shall draw from the fund. Applicant shall at all times maintain the initial deposit amount requested by the city. To ensure the efficient processing of the land use permit application, the applicant and the city shall execute a memorandum of understanding, in a form acceptable to the city attorney, for payment of processing costs required herein.

(Ord. 1550 § 1 (Exh. A), 2019)