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A. Permit.

1. Short-Term Rental Permit Required. It shall be unlawful for any host to rent a short-term rental without first applying for and obtaining a permit from the city.

Applications for short-term rental permits shall be submitted on a form provided by the city. Applications shall include all information required on the form and shall be accompanied by the appropriate permit fee.

2. Permit Fee. The initial permit fee and renewal permit fee shall be established by resolution of city council, as may be amended from time to time, and payable annually in advance. Fees for applications received at any time during the calendar year shall not be prorated.

3. Separate Permits Required. A separate short-term rental permit is required for each short-term rental, regardless of ownership.

4. Limited Permits by Owner. A single host shall be limited to owning and operating a maximum of three short-term rentals.

5. Term of Permit. A short-term rental permit shall be on a calendar-year basis. Approved permits shall be personal to the host, are not assignable or transferable and shall automatically expire upon sale or transfer of the property on which the short-term rental is located.

6. Annual Renewal. A short-term rental permit compliant with this chapter shall be renewed annually upon payment of permit renewal fees as established by resolution of the city council and remittance of all required taxes associated with the short-term rental. The host shall also submit such information as may be required to enable the mayor or their designee to verify the amount of tax paid. Failure to submit a short-term rental renewal application prior to December 15th of each calendar year will result in expiration of the permit and a new permit, including fees, must be applied for.

B. Business License Required. A city of Cle Elum business license is required for all short-term rentals. A business license shall be obtained pursuant to CEMC Chapter 5.02 as established or hereafter amended.

C. Insurance Required. The applicant shall maintain on file at City Hall a current certificate of insurance documenting that the premises are insured as a short-term rental, or as appropriate for the proposed use.

D. Display of Information. Each short-term rental unit shall have a clearly visible notice posted within the unit that includes the following, current information:

1. Contact information for the host and local contact person;

2. The city short-term rental permit number;

3. Contact information for emergencies including police and fire services;

4. Identification of emergency escape routes and location of fire extinguishers;

5. Location of emergency shut-offs and any other emergency information;

6. The maximum number of people in terms of permitted sleeping occupancy;

7. The maximum number of persons permitted in the unit at any one time;

8. The location for parking vehicles and the maximum number of parked vehicles permitted for the unit;

9. Alternative parking locations for extra vehicles, trailers, and campers;

10. Requirements, if allowed, for smoking;

11. Methods and timing of trash disposal;

12. Snow removal instructions;

13. Notice to keep noise to a minimum between ten p.m. and seven a.m.; and

14. Policy regarding pets.

E. Collection of Taxes.

1. Chapter 82.08 RCW allows cities to adopt a “room tax” or lodging tax, which contributes to the Cle Elum lodging tax fund that provides grant funding for tourism-related activities and facilities for and within the city of Cle Elum. CEMC Chapter 3.68, Room Tax, applies to all short-term rentals within the Cle Elum municipal limits. Short-term rentals that do not automatically pay the appropriate room tax through their hosting platform (e.g., Airbnb), shall pay the taxes as set forth by CEMC Chapter 3.68.

2. The applicant shall provide all applicable company or business names the short-term rental may be affiliated with in order for the city to track and collect applicable taxes, fees, and charges.

(Ord. 1601 § 1 (Exh. A), 2021)