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A. Applicant. Applicants for short-term rental permits must be the owner of the property where the short-term rental will be located or, if an agent or lessee, shall have the written permission of the property owner to use such property as a short-term rental.

B. Local Contact Person. Short-term rentals must have a local contact person who shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with provisions of this code including, but not limited to, immediately addressing emergency situations at the short-term rental premises, reporting lodging tax, maintaining a current business license, maintaining parking areas, removing of snow and ice, and other property maintenance requirements (see local contact person definition in CEMC Section 17.160.020).

C. Zoning. Short-term rentals are permitted only within the commercial and residential zones of the city, provided they conform to the zoning regulations for each zone.

D. Legal Dwelling. Short-term rentals are permitted only within legal conforming and legal nonconforming residential dwelling units. Short-term rentals are not permitted in an apartment building at any time in any zone.

E. Spacing.

1. Commercial. There shall be no spacing limitations to the number of short-term rentals within commercial zones.

2. Residential. Within any residential zone, short-term rentals shall be separated by at least two hundred fifty feet between parcel boundaries, as confirmed by the city based upon the Kittitas County assessor’s mapping portal data.

F. Quiet Hours. Regular quiet hours shall be observed between the hours of ten p.m. and seven a.m. Activities that produce audible noise to neighbors will take place only between the hours of seven a.m. and ten p.m., although any noise complaint may be subject to city police investigation, including excessive noises made by animals during any hour (for example, CEMC Section 6.04.070).

G. Pets. Should the permitted property allow guests to have pets, all local animal laws must be followed, including but not limited to the city leash law. All animal waste within the city right-of-way or neighboring properties shall be promptly picked up. No exotic animals or exotic pets shall be permitted on the short-term rental premises.

H. Nuisance. No short-term rental shall be operated in such a way as to constitute a nuisance as defined by CEMC Chapter 8.12.

I. Occupancy.

1. A dwelling unit for which a short-term rental use is approved may alternatively be used as a full-time residence for the owner or lessee. However, during short-term rental tenancies, the building shall not be used for any other purpose (e.g., home occupation or temporary event) without the appropriate additional permit, license, or other written permission of the city.

2. The maximum number of occupants permitted in a short-term rental shall be established at the time of the initial unit licensing and shall not exceed the number deemed safe by the Cle Elum fire department.

J. Parking. A minimum of two designated off-street parking spaces shall be available on the property. Parking spaces shall be located entirely within the boundaries of the rented property, and located upon standard hard parking surfaces such as concrete or compact gravel driveways, and which shall exclude grass and landscaping.

K. Camping. While the determination of whether recreational vehicles (RVs or other campers) will be allowed to park on site will be the responsibility of the host, no camping within city limits is permitted (CEMC Chapter 8.44). As such, no additional accommodations within RVs, other campers, or tents shall be allowed under this permit.

L. Appearance and Visibility. Except in the commercial zones, the short-term rental use shall not change the residential character of the outside of a dwelling unit, either by the use of colors, materials, signage, lighting; or by the construction of accessory structures or garages that are visible off site and not of the same architectural character as the residence; or by the emission of noise, glare, flashing lights, vibrations, or odors not commonly experienced in residential areas.

M. Garbage Service. Mandatory garbage services are required within the city of Cle Elum (CEMC Section 8.08.120). The appropriate level of garbage collection services shall be maintained so there is no overflow of trash on the short-term rental property or adjacent properties. The mayor or their designee shall be authorized to require a larger garbage cart if the short-term rental receives more than two complaints related to garbage overflowing or leaving the property or if the property receives more than two garbage overage charges from the city’s garbage service provider, at which time the mayor or designee will determine the appropriate cart size and make the adjustments with the city’s garbage service provider and the host.

N. Special Events. Weddings, corporate events, commercial functions, large parties and other similar events which have the potential to cause traffic, parking, noise, or other impacts to the neighborhood shall first receive a city event approval by the city events committee.

(Ord. 1601 § 1 (Exh. A), 2021)