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There shall be elected on the second Monday of January of each year by the members of the fire department, subject to the approval of the council of the city, a chief of the fire department, who shall hold office for the term of one year or until his successor is elected and qualified; provided, however, that C.H. Haines shall be chief of the fire department until the second Monday in January, 1904. The chief of the fire department shall have control of the department at all times, and all apparatus belonging to the department. It shall be his duty to see that all property belonging to the city, and used for the purposes of the fire department, is kept in good condition and ready for immediate use. He shall have sole command at fires over the members of the fire department while on duty, and shall have police powers at fires as ex officio marshal. He shall have power to make all necessary repairs and purchase all needed supplies; provided, however, that in case of the purchase of hose, hose carts or hydrants, he shall first obtain the consent of the city council. The chief shall have power to make rules for the government of the fire department, and can suspend any company or member thereof for insubordination pending an investigation as provided for in this chapter.

(Ord. 42 § 4, 1903)