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A. All claims for damages against the city shall be filed with the city clerk. The city clerk shall immediately forward copies of such claims to the affected city department for comment, the city’s risk manager and to the city’s risk management service agency.

B. All such claims for damages shall be filed on forms provided by the city, and shall accurately state the time, place, source, nature and extent of the alleged damage, and give the actual residence of the claimant by street and number at the date of presenting such claim and shall be verified by affidavit of the claimant, or such other person as may be authorized by law to verify such claim to the effect that the same is true.

C. No action shall be maintained against the city for any claim for damages until the claim has been properly presented to the city as provided herein. The omission to present any claim for damages against the city in the manner or within any time limits provided by law shall be a bar to any action against the city therefor.

(Ord. 1407 § 1(Att.), 2014)