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Approval, denial, or settlement and authorization for payment of claims shall be as follows:

A. The city’s designated risk manager shall be authorized to approve, deny or settle all claims for damages up to $2,500.00.

B. All claims for damages which are greater than $2,500.00, but are less than $25,000.00, shall be submitted to the city council, along with report and recommendation from the risk manager, for approval, denial or settlement.

C. All claims which involve bodily or personal injury shall be promptly submitted to the city’s risk management service agency for adjustment, along with information regarding the claim submitted by the affected city department. Claims which do not specify an amount of damages or incidents which may result in the filing of a claim may be submitted to the risk management service agency at the designated risk manager’s discretion.

(Ord. 1407 § 1(Att.), 2014)