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Application for such licenses shall be made in writing to the city clerk signed by the owner or responsible officer, if a corporation, shall be accompanied by evidence that all state license fees have been paid, and shall contain the name and address of the owners and make and type of vehicle or vehicles to be operated, the place of business, number of taxis to be operated, the seating capacity of each, the age and qualifications of the operators of the vehicles and shall be accompanied with a copy of public liability and property damage insurance policy, on each vehicle showing coverage for not less than five thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars for public liability and one thousand dollars for property damage, a statement thereon that all the laws of the state regarding the operation of the vehicle have been complied with, and a statement consenting to the revocation of the license for the violation of any provision of this chapter or for the violation of any state or city motor vehicle or liquor law or chapter occurring while licensee or his agent is actually operating the vehicle or vehicles.

(Ord. 408 § 3, 1947)