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A. Injuring Animal with Vehicle. No person shall willfully injure, beat, abuse or run down any animal with a vehicle. Any person who kills or injures an animal while driving a vehicle shall stop at the scene of the accident and render such assistance as practicable, shall make reasonable efforts to locate and identify himself to the owner or to any person having custody of the animal and shall report the accident immediately to the department of public safety or animal control officer.

B. Feeding and Care of Animals. It is unlawful for any person to keep or harbor an animal within the city without providing a suitable amount of wholesome food and clean water for the nutrition and comfort thereof, and without providing a clean sleeping area, or to leave the premises upon which the animal is confined or to which it customarily returns for more than 24 hours without providing for the feeding and care of such animal in the absence of the person.

C. Poisoning of Animals. It is unlawful for any person to willfully or maliciously poison any domestic animal or bird or to lay out or expose any kind of poison or to leave exposed any poisoned food or drink for man, animal or fowl, or any substance or fluid whatever whereon or wherein there is or shall be deposited or mingled any kind of poison or poisonous or deadly substance, or fluid whatever, on any premises or in any unenclosed place, or to aid or abet any person in doing so; except, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to the killing by poison of any animal or bird in a lawful and humane manner by the owner thereof or by a duly authorized servant or agent of such owner, or by the owner, or by a person acting pursuant to instructions from a duly constituted public authority, in accordance with the exceptions provided in RCW Chapter 16.52.190.

D. Injury to Animal – Neglect of Injured Animal. It is unlawful for any person to:

1. Willfully and cruelly injure or kill any animal by any means causing it fright or pain;

2. By reason of neglect or intent, to cause or allow any animal to endure pain, suffering or injury or to fail or neglect to aid or attempt alleviation of pain, suffering or injury such person has caused to any animal; or

3. Maintain any place where fowl or any animals are suffered to fight upon exhibition or for sport upon any wager.

E. Criminal Penalty. Any person and any owner or custodian found to have violated this Section shall be shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by not more than 90 days in jail and a fine of not more than $500.00.

(Ord. 1342 § 4, 2011; Ord. 887 § 1, 1989)