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A. “Inoperable motorized vehicle” means any car, truck, van, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile or other vehicle typically powered by an engine, excepting watercraft, that has been in a stationary position for more than fourteen calendar days, is apparently inoperable or requires repairs in order to be operable, or is unable to move a distance of twenty feet under its own power on a flat surface.

B. “Inoperable motorized vehicle” may include vehicles that do not meet the definition of junk vehicle. An inoperable motorized will be considered a public nuisance unless contained entirely within an enclosed building. It is provided however, that an inoperable motorized vehicle may be allowed in residential property, outside of an enclosed building, if it is stored in the rear yard of the property and is screened from the neighboring properties and any street by a one hundred percent sight obscuring fence.

(Ord. 1199, 2003)