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A. The city council of the city has determined that it is generally contrary to the well-being of juveniles to be outside their residences in the late night and early morning hours unsupervised and with no specific purpose.

B. In order to protect those juveniles who are not subject to adequate parental control from harm to themselves or others or the property of others and to foster better parental responsibility among the parents and guardians of juveniles found with the city, some regulation of parental control of juvenile children is appropriate.

C. Control of parents and guardians of juveniles who are in danger of harm to themselves and others based on certain proscribed conduct is to be accomplished to achieve better protection of the community and the juveniles.

D. The city council has received information from the police department that juveniles who are not adequately supervised by their parents and/or guardians have become engaged in criminal activity at certain times and within certain areas of the city. It is the intent of this chapter to impose control upon the parents and/or guardians of juveniles who are present at certain times and certain places within the city to protect those juveniles and the community.

(Ord. 1022 § 1, 1995)