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A. In order to facilitate the scheduling and coordination of work in the right-of-way, the administering officer shall provide as much advance notice, as is reasonable, of plans to open the right-of-way to those service providers who are current users of the right-of-way or who have filed notice with the city clerk within the past twelve months of their intent to place facilities in the city. This obligation may be satisfied by listing such projects in the upper Kittitas County Tribune, which is the newspaper of general circulation in Upper Kittitas County, or any other reasonable means as ordered by the administering officer, including posting notice at City Hall.

B. Service providers are responsible for subscribing to the Upper Kittitas County Tribune at their expense and are further responsible for contacting City Hall for notices relating to this chapter. Service providers are further responsible to maintain on file with the administering officer, the name of a current contact person and that individual’s address, telephone number, fax number and email address.

C. The city is not liable for damages for failure to provide notice under this section. Where the city has failed to provide notice of plans to open the right-of-way to a service provider consistent with this section, a use permit to such service provider may not be denied on the basis that the service provider failed to coordinate with another project.

(Ord. 1133 § 1, 2001)