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A. The administering officer interprets and enforces this chapter, and has authority to issue specific orders in specific cases or circumstances as may be deemed necessary. In such event, reasonable effort shall be made to notify affected parties. Specific orders may be issued on application of an affected service provider or providers.

B. Orders and decisions of the administering officer are guided by the intent of this chapter. Prior to issuance of an order, the administering officer may give such advance notice and opportunity for hearing as deemed proper, or may provide for a hearing upon request to review an order or specific application of a party arising after issuance. The officer may establish a filing fee not to exceed fifty dollars for consideration of any petition for action or determination by a regulated party or other person.

C. An administrative order may include provision for penalty of not more than five hundred dollars per violation. In case of a continuing violation, each day may be specified to be an additional. and separate violation. No penalty for failure to comply with any administrative order may be assessed except after notice and opportunity for hearing for the affected party. Failure to pay a penalty is a breach of permit conditions and grounds for permit revocation by the administering officer after notice and opportunity for hearing for the permittee.

(Ord. 1133 § 1, 2001)