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Any notice required by this chapter may be given to the owner by service upon him of the notice in writing in the manner provided by the laws of the state for service of summons and complaint in legal actions; and any person who has the care, custody, control or management of any premises or building or who has control of the renting thereof or the collection of rentals therefrom shall, for the purpose of this chapter, be deemed to be the agent of the owner of the premises, and the giving of all notices provided for to the agent shall be deemed due notice to the owner. If any such property or premises is vacant, then the notices may be given to the owner thereof by service as provided in this section, or by depositing in the United States post office the written notice in a sealed envelope with first class postage prepaid, addressed to the owner or his agent at the last known address of the owner or agent.

(Ord. 476 § 3, 1951)