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The following provisions constitute the city’s SEPA policies and the basis for exercising the substantive authority granted to the city through the Washington State Environmental Policy Act.

A. The city designates and adopts by reference the following documents, as amended, as the basis for the city’s exercise of authority pursuant to this section:

1. Cle Elum comprehensive plan;

2. Cle Elum parks, recreation and open space plan;

3. Cle Elum comprehensive water and sewer plans;

4. Cle Elum six-year transportation plan;

5. Cle Elum Municipal Code;

6. City of Cle Elum engineering design standards; and

7. The International Codes as adopted and administered by the city.

B. The city may attach conditions to a permit or approval for the proposal so long as:

1. Such conditions are necessary to mitigate specific probable adverse environmental documents prepared pursuant to this chapter;

2. Such conditions are in writing;

3. The mitigation measures included in such conditions are reasonable and capable of being accomplished;

4. The city has considered whether other local, state, or federal mitigation measures that apply to the proposal are sufficient to mitigate the identified impacts; and

5. Such conditions are based on one or more policies of the comprehensive plan and the provisions in this title and are cited in the permit, license, or other decision document.

C. The city may deny a permit or approval for a proposal on the basis of a SEPA review so long as:

1. A finding is made that approving the proposals would result in probable significant adverse environmental impacts that are identified in a final environmental impact statement (FEIS), or final supplemental environmental impact statement (FSEIS) prepared pursuant to this chapter;

2. A finding is made that there are no reasonable mitigation measures capable of being accomplished that are sufficient to mitigate the identified impact; and

3. The denial is based on one or more policies identified in this title or comprehensive plan and identified in writing in the decision document.

(Ord. 1621 § 2 (Exh. A), 2022)