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The following section shall govern all pole style structures.

A. Design Requirements. All pole style structures shall follow the requirements of section 15.04.040 ‘Design Requirements’ with the following additions:

1. The City of Cle Elum shall require a Washington State licensed design professional, licensed under the provisions of RCW 18.08, WAC 308-12 (for Architects) or RCW 18.43 (for Engineers) to stamp, prepare or oversee the preparation of plans and calculations for pole structures when:

a. The eave height exceeds twelve feet.

b. The minimum embedment depth listed below cannot be met.

c. The backfill requirements listed below cannot be met.

d. The use of the building or structure is for habitable space.

e. The structure is over one story.

f. The occupant load based on the IBC is greater than or equal to 10.

B. Post Embedment Requirements. Posts must be embedded into the ground a distance one-third the height of the eave. The minimum post embedment is three feet.

Example: A twelve-foot eave height building would require the posts be embedded into the ground four feet. An eight-foot eave height building would require the posts be embedded three feet.

Post holes are required to be six inches deeper than the post embedment length to allow for concrete footing under the posts. Post hole diameters will be sized to directly support three-fourths of the gravity load.

C. Backfill Requirements. The backfill requirements for all posts holes shall be concrete. All native material taken out for the excavation of the post hole shall be replaced with concrete.

(Ord. 1451 § 1, 2016; Ord. 1386 § 1 (Exh. A), 2013)