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A. Hourly rates for city staff time to process land development proposals shall be established by the current fee schedule as adopted by the city council.

B. Routine city processing costs shall be established by the city council.

C. Predevelopment application review (“PAR”) costs shall be charged to each company or individual requesting information in furtherance of a development permit application on a time and materials basis using hourly service rates from the city-adopted fee schedule. All project development representatives for development projects shall be given one initial thirty-minute free consultation meeting with city staff. Smaller development proposals such as one single-family home with the homeowner as applicant (one time only), small business tenant improvements of three thousand square feet or less, and similar small-scale projects as determined by the director shall be exempt from the PAR fee. In the event that small-scale project PAR review(s) take more than twenty hours of city staff time, any additional time spent on the exempt projects shall be charged time and materials cost for the remaining preapplication review.

(Ord. 1550 § 1 (Exh. A), 2019)