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A. A police fund for purposes of drug related enforcement and the disposition of seized and forfeited moneys, negotiable instruments, securities, property (real or personal), conveyances, and any and all tangible or intangible property of any kind whatsoever is created and shall be known as the “drug enforcement fund.” All moneys seized and proceeds from the sale of property seized during drug related investigations and forfeitures pursuant to RCW 69.50.505 or other state or federal laws, shall be deposited into this fund, subject to required federal and state deductions. The city shall keep and provide to the State Treasurer and Auditor records of such deposits in accordance with RCW 69.50.505(g).

B. All police records and procedures required under RCW 69.50.505 shall be maintained by the Cle Elum police department and city clerk/treasurer to forfeit and dispose of lawfully seized drug related properties, to account for, report, maintain cash funds for drug buys and other enforcement programs related to unlawful drug related use, possession and distribution consistent with RCW Chapter 69.50.

C. The fund is authorized to accept gifts, grants, and transfers of moneys from public entities and private individuals, ratifying all prior transactions, and provide for a system of reimbursement among and between participating agencies and persons deemed necessary by the chief of police to meet the evidentiary requirements for chain of custody, an accounting of moneys received and disbursed, and expenses, including but not limited to reimbursements, police training, and community education.

(Ord. 1075 § 1, 1998)