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Before any such garbage contract described in the Sections 8.08.050 and 8.08.060 takes effect, the contractor shall execute and file with the city and keep in full force and effect during the entire term of the contract, a corporate surety bond approved as to form by the city attorney and as to surety by the city council of the city, in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars, conditioned that the contractor will faithfully perform the contract and pay all laborers, mechanics and materialmen, and all persons who supply the contractor with provisions, equipment and supplies for carrying on the contract work; conditioned further that the contractor will indemnify and save the city free and harmless from any and all loss, damages, claims, suits, judgments and recoveries of any kind in any way arising by reason of or out of the performance of the contract, and that the contractor will appear and defend any action instituted against the city arising by reason of or out of the performance of the contract.

(Ord. 1307 § 1, 2009)