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Whenever it is necessary to enter upon private property to remove the junk vehicles pursuant to ordinance, ruling or holding by the municipal court, any authorized official of the city may apply to the Cle Elum Municipal Court for a warrant authorizing the entry upon such property to carry out the same, if permission to enter has been refused by the owner, or if the owner cannot be found or reasonably ascertained. The application for the warrant shall be supported by an affidavit or the testimony of the officer or any other authorized city official intending to enter upon the property stating his office, purpose and authority to so enter; the owner’s refusal to permit such entry or the owner’s unavailability; the work, action or other activity to be conducted on the property; and by whom and the approximate time that the activity will be conducted. If the court finds that just cause exists for the issuance of the warrant, it shall subscribe the same with a return date of not more than ten days following completion of the action or activity to be conducted upon the property.

(Ord. 1199, 2003)