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All public fireworks displays shall conform to the following minimum standards and conditions:

1. All public fireworks displays must be planned, organized, and discharged by a state-licensed pyrotechnician;

2. A permit must be obtained from the City of Cle Elum prior to any display of public fireworks. The permit shall include the name of the applicant and his or her address; the name of the pyrotechnician and his or her address; the exact location, date and time of the proposed display; the number, type and class of fireworks to be displayed; the manner in which the fireworks are being stored prior to the public fireworks display; and shall include the name and address of the insurance company providing the bond required pursuant to RCW 70.77.285 (Public display permit – Bond or insurance for liability) or RCW 70.77.295 (Public display permit – Amount of bond or insurance);

3. A drawing shall be submitted to the fire chief showing a plan view of the fireworks discharge site and the surrounding area with a radius that reflects seventy feet for every inch of the largest mortar, and not less than a 500-foot radius. This is required for land and water displays (Ref. UFC 78, Table 7802.3-A and NFPA 1123, Table 3-1.3);

4. A fire pumper and a minimum of three trained firefighters shall be on-site from thirty minutes prior to until thirty minutes after the discharge of any fireworks. All cost for fire personnel and apparatus shall be paid to Cle Elum fire services, in an amount calculated in accordance with the Washington State Fire Chiefs fee schedule, and shall be paid prior to the actual display; provided, however, that some or all of the costs for required fire personnel and apparatus may be waived at the discretion of the fire chief if permittee is a community or charitable organization sponsoring a public event to which no admission is charged;

5. All combustible debris and trash shall be removed from the area of discharge for a distance of 300 feet in all directions by the applicant;

6. All unfired or undischarged fireworks shall be disposed of in a safe manner by the state-licensed pyrotechnician;

7. A minimum of two 2A-rated pressurized water fire extinguishers and one fire blanket shall be required to be at the fireworks discharge site;

8. The permit may be immediately revoked at any time deemed necessary by the fire chief or his or her designee due to any noncompliance with law or permit provisions, weather conditions such as extremely low humidity or wind factor, or other emergency conditions;

9. Areas of public access shall be determined by the fire chief or his or her designee and maintained in an approved manner; and

10. The applicant shall also be responsible for securing any and all required state, county, or City permits for use of locations or facilities.

(Ord. 1416 § 1, 2014)