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A. The objectives of this chapter are:

1. To protect the general public health and safety;

2. To preserve and maintain the primary purpose of the right-of-way as a means of public travel and emergency vehicle access;

3. To respond to requirements established by federal or state laws, particularly as relating to service providers and reflected in chapter 83, Laws of 2000 State legislature;

4. To preserve the value of the public investment in the right-of-way and useful life of street, curbing, and sidewalk paving, and maintain the integrity and quality of the paving;

5. To preserve the value of the right-of-way to support municipal infrastructure needs as a priority use, and the value of municipal infrastructure investment; and

6. To promote the public convenience and aesthetics.

B. The first two objectives are of primary importance. The objectives govern questions of interpretation and enforcement. Notwithstanding any other provision, nothing done relating to this chapter is intended to create or expand any specific municipal duty or liability to any particular person or group or otherwise create or expand municipal tort liability for any purpose. This section shall control all others in the event of conflict or ambiguity.

(Ord. 1133 § 1, 2001)