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In the event that the strict and literal interpretation of this title serves to deny a property owner all reasonable use of their property, the property owner may apply for a reasonable use exception and may request the minimal relief necessary to enable the reasonable use of their property. Only valid and complete requests will be processed pursuant to this title.

A. Reasonable use exceptions may be granted when:

1. Application of this title would deny all reasonable economic use of the property;

2. There are no other practical alternatives to the proposed use that would have less impact;

3. The inability to derive reasonable economic use of the property is not the result of subdivision or other actions by the applicant;

4. No other reasonable economic use has less adverse impact(s);

5. The proposal protects and mitigates impacts to the functions and values of critical areas to the greatest extent feasible, consistent with the best available science;

6. The proposal does not pose a threat to the public health, safety, or welfare on or off the development proposal site; and

7. The proposal is consistent with other applicable regulations and standards.

B. The burden of proof shall be on the applicant to bring forth evidence in support of the application and to provide sufficient information on which any decision has to be made on the application.

(Ord. 1621 § 2 (Exh. A), 2022)