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Applicants for planning and land use permits and approvals shall be responsible for reimbursing the city for all costs associated with processing applications and administering permits and approvals, the cost of professional consultant services in accordance with the provisions of this title, and the fee schedule adopted by the city council.

A. In addition to the payment of the required base application fees, processing, and administrative costs eligible for cost recovery may include, but are not limited to:

1. Consultant’s time and expenses, including but not limited to engineering, planning, and legal services;

2. Administrative and clerical costs;

3. Publications, postage, printing, and related costs;

4. Legal expenses;

5. Hearings examiner time and expenses;

6. Inspection, monitoring, and enforcement expenditures;

7. City staff time in excess of the amount allocated through the base fee; and

8. Other reasonably related expenses incurred by the city.

B. These cost recovery provisions shall apply to costs incurred by the city during the:

1. Preapplication consultation and meeting phase;

2. Review and processing of applications;

3. Implementation phase; and

4. For planned mixed-use developments, planned actions, subdivisions, and other larger scale, or complex development proposals, as determined by the city, preliminary consultation expenses incurred before the submission of a preapplication meeting request.

C. For larger scale, more complex, and/or projects to be developed in phases such as planned mixed-use developments, planned actions, and subdivisions, the city may, at its sole discretion, require the execution of a written cost recovery agreement.

1. The city may require the applicant to deposit an estimated amount with the city, to be sufficient to cover anticipated costs of retaining professional consultant services and to ensure reimbursement to the city for such costs.

2. Any unused funds will be returned to the applicant upon completion and/or finalization of project.

(Ord. 1621 § 2 (Exh. A), 2022)