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The purpose of this section is to establish the process for modifying project specific permits and approvals.

A. Project Specific Permits and Approvals – Minor Modifications.

1. Proposed modifications to project-specific permits and approvals may be determined by the city to be minor modifications, and subject to the provisions of this section; provided, that the proposed amendments do not:

a. Alter the overall character of the project.

b. Increase the number of lots, dwelling units, or density.

c. Decrease the quality or amount of open space.

d. Significantly increase the demand for public utilities or services.

e. Result in the issuance of a determination of significance (DS), and/or require the preparation of an addendum or supplemental EIS.

f. Introduce a new use that is prohibited in the zone or that may only be permitted through a conditional use permit.

2. Applications for minor modifications shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of CEMC Section 14.30.040 and may be approved, approved with conditions, or denied; provided, that:

a. A proposed change to a condition of approval does not modify the intent of the original condition; and

b. The perimeter boundaries of the original site shall not be extended by more than five percent of the original lot area; and

c. The proposal does not add more than ten percent gross square footage to structures on the site; and

d. The proposal does not increase the overall impervious surface on the site by more than ten percent; and

e. Proposed changes to yard and height requirements are limited to ten percent of the required dimension.

3. Any additions or expansions approved through a minor modification that would cumulatively exceed the requirements of this section shall be reviewed as a major modification.

B. Project Specific Permits and Approvals – Major Modifications.

1. Proposed modifications to project specific permits and approvals that do not meet the criteria for a minor modification, as determined by the city, shall be considered a major modification and subject to the provisions of this section.

2. Major modifications shall be subject to processing in the same manner as the original permit or approval, as determined by the city.

(Ord. 1621 § 2 (Exh. A), 2022)