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A. Any development activity authorized through a permit or approval issued in accordance with the provisions of this title shall be completed within two years from the date of approval, unless otherwise specified by the city or state law.

1. Failure to meet the time limit set shall void the permit or approval.

2. The city, at its sole discretion, may authorize a time extension upon request, provided such extension request is filed in writing prior to the required completion date. Such extension request shall detail unique and special circumstances that prohibited the completion of the use authorized.

B. If the city finds the conditions and safeguards made part of the terms under which the project permit was granted have not been complied with or are not being maintained, the city shall prescribe a reasonable time for correction, and if corrections are not made within the time limit, the permit may be suspended or revoked.

C. The city may revoke a project permit issued pursuant to this title, based on a finding that:

1. The application included any false information material to the project permit approval, or the permit was obtained by fraud.

2. The conditions and safeguards required in the permit have not been complied with or are not now being maintained.

3. The use for which a conditional use permit was granted has at any time ceased for one year or more; or

4. The required fees were not paid, or documents were not recorded, in a timely manner.

D. The suspension or revocation of a permit may be appealed to the city hearings examiner in order to show cause why such permit approval should not be suspended or revoked.

E. An application for a permit previously revoked under this section cannot be submitted until all remedial actions required of the applicant/project sponsor/property owner have been completed and all fines, penalties, and fees paid.

F. Violation of such conditions and safeguards, when made part of the terms under which the project permit is granted, shall be considered a violation of this title, and may result in suspension or revocation of the permit and/or enforcement actions in accordance with the provisions of the Cle Elum Municipal Code.

(Ord. 1621 § 2 (Exh. A), 2022)