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Every pawnbroker or secondhand dealer, and every clerk, agent or employee of such pawnbroker or secondhand dealer who shall:

A. Fail to make an entry of any material matter in his book or record kept as provided for in Section 5.16.020; or

B. Make a false entry therein; or

C. Falsify, obliterate, destroy or remove from his place of business such book or record; or

D. Refuse to allow the chief of police or any other police officer on his order to inspect the same or any goods in his possession during ordinary hours of business; or

E. Report any matter falsely to the chief of police; or

F. Having forms provided therefor, fail upon request of the chief of police to furnish to the chief of police a full, true and correct transcript of the record of all transactions had on the preceding business day, it being the intent of this section that Saturday’s business may be reported on Monday; or

G. Fail to report forthwith to the chief of police the possession of any property which he may have good cause to believe has been lost or stolen, together with the name of the owner, if known, and the date when and the name of the person from whom the same was received by him; or

H. Receive any property from any known thief or receiver of stolen property, or any known associate of such thief or receiver of stolen property, whether such person is acting in his behalf or as an agent of another, shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not exceeding five thousand dollars for each such offense.

(Ord. 965 § 1, 1992)